About Sunshine-Trust

The Sun Shine Trust was established on 2016 by Sri R. Maheswara Naidu and Sri K. Shashi Shekar in Bangalore. Sunshine Trust was established to lend a helping hand to these members of the Indian community. Out of respect for the Indian value of family and community, the Trust was established to bridge the economic gap that divides the community and build a closer relationship amongest a population that has left its mark in the history of education, administration and development.

Objectives & Activities

Apart from meeting the educational needs of the poor students, the Sunshine Trust is also helping the Orphans especially motherless/fatherless children, poor widows, needy disabled and old disadvantaged destitute people. Added to the above, the Sunshine Trust is providing medical help/assistance in deserving cases for the poor cancer and HIV patients. Donations are solicited to strengthen the Trust for continuing all the above activities with sincerity, dedication and devotion.


SS Trust is providing medical aid to B.Laxmi suffering with cancer.


SS Trust is providing medical aid to Smt.Aasha who is suffering with HIV.

Helping "construction of Community halls and Prayer Halls" for the benifit of general public.

Please contact : +91 - 9121365537